GMP Genesis Pvt. Ltd is a fully incorporated private limited company, previously operating under the registered name of GMP Genesis Enterprise. The Company provides professional advising and consultation in the areas of business, research and technology for overs 4 years to myriad clients ranging from those of government agencies and corporate entities; with both set of clients catered through pro-active deliverance of solutions. The Company is currently under the mission of expanding its businesses by creating synergy of its own, penetrating several other industries on top of the existing ones such as Technology, Properties, Manufacturing, Trading and Entertainment. It is within our best interest to approach any undertakings with the intention to CREATE and INNOVATE value propositions that fits the underlying ideology of the Company which has its hearts in delivering transformational impact solutions, research and knowledge base in everything that we do and deliver.

Corporate Governance


To inspire confidence and empower success through transformation in thinking and ideation. Living by that value, GMP Genesis ensures the deliverance of high quality products/services and looked upon with respects and admiration.


We aim to continuously delve into innovations and improvisations that are purposeful, functional and out of the box which will inherently provide a competitive bargain for the benefits of the Company, its people and the stakeholders.

Core Values

Our Pillars of Success
Go Global

We will always strive to extend our reaches internationaly, both through our pool of resources and catered customers.


We will always try to maximize the outcome from every effort that we put in.


We will always provide solutions that are original and genuine.


We will always take initiative to engage on problems in hand.


We will endorse and exemplify professional practices and deliveries that are contiguous and environmentally friendly.


We will embrace different ideas and solutions to enhance our resourcefulness and competitiveness.


We will adhere and practice “Standards of Protocol” that are in tandem with internationally recognize professional compliances.