Kuala Lumpur, December 15, 2018

GMP Genesis Pvt Ltd is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive partnership co-operation with HLAD OY Engineering of Finland. HLAD Engineering Oy is the leading green technology provider for sustainable waste management processes, and waste to energy processes in the Europe. The partnership will empower GMP Genesis to all installations, businesses and expansions of HLAD technologies in the region of South East Asia.

The Memorandum of Agreement was signed between GMP Genesis Pvt.Ltd (Malaysia), and HLAD OY Engineering, Finland in Kuala Lumpur. The ceremony was held in the presence of the MahWengKwai & Associates.

Attendees were: HLAD OY Engineering (Finland): Mr. Heikki Kutinlahti and Mr. Timo Kutinlahti GMP Genesis Pvt. Ltd (Malaysia): Mr. Rohan, Mr. Thuvendran, Mr. Poovan Ganason and Mr. Teoh Siang Swee

In presence of:

MahWengKwai Associates: Miss Marlysa Razak, Miss Jackie Goh, Mr. Alex Hong and Ms. Lesley

The MOU builds on the commercialization deal announced on 15th December 2018, granting exclusive rights to GMP Genesis Pvt Ltd (Malaysia) to build, sell and operate the technology within the region of Southeast Asia.

Mr. Poovan Ganason, Chief Executive Officer of GMP Genesis Pvt Ltd said “This agreement clearly demonstrates the intentions of both the parties to establish new technology solution in banishing Municipality Waste through converting it to potential renewable bi-products. The partnership gives GMP Genesis an avenue to establish a business model to monetize the growing waste stream in Malaysia, and will also create a platform for developing similar projects in the ASEAN region.”