The field of technology and research has been the principal vocation of GMP Genesis dating from the earliest years of its establishment. The technology wing which is spearheaded by GMP Genesis Technology (M) Pvt. Ltd, consults and advises technology based solutions to independent individuals, private institutions and government agencies which are undertaken in project basis ( group of specialists is allotted to specific projects) of differing complexities. The type of consultancy provided ranges from academic advising, software development, hardware development, software-hardware interfacing, technology & system innovations and etc. Apart from consultancy, GMP Genesis also operates Genesis Advance Research Lab (GARL) which runs in-house service operations to research operatives and manufacturing industries.


Genesis Advance Research Lab or also known simply as GARL is a dual purpose laboratory which deals on delivering outsourced measurement solutions to industry leaders in the footwear industry and in motion analysis. The Lab also aims to pioneer groundbreaking innovations and as well become the incubation platform for commercial worthy patents related to human kinetics, sports technology and healthy lifestyle.


  • Movement Sciences
  • Industrial Design & Ergonomics
  • Virtual Reality ; Animation & Film
  • Robotics


  • Mechanical testing
  • Material Testing
  • Custom footwear design and printing
  • Custom insole printing
  • Orthotics design and printing
  • Fit Assessment
  • Auditing and System & Design Certification


  • Smart Insole System (STEP)
  • Shoe Surface Traction & Impact Tester
  • Custom Diabetics Insole

** Please do contact for further Info: enquire@gmpgenesis-tech.com


At GMP Genesis Technology (M), we always look forward into listening and embarking into new exciting ideas from promising technopreneurs. We look for ideas that are original, creative, innovative, and problem-solving with a conclusive Proof of Concept (POC) in order for us to finance. Since there is no preference for any target industries, we at GMP Genesis Technology (M) welcome potential applicants if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • a) Open to all Nationals
  • b) The idea/ product/ project is technology based and can belong to any industries.
  • c) The idea/product/project is in a POC, or in prototype development stage.
  • d) The idea/ product/ project must be a value add to the industry it belongs to, or improve human lifestyle, or both.

A full proposal and applicant’s profile sent to finance@gmpgenesis-tech.com , with supporting documents.

Once the project is accepted, an appropriate finance mechanism will be ascertained, with equity financing top the preference.

Project developed and moved sequentially into commercialization.